Amy Loughton in Shakespeare’s Rose Theatre

Amy Loughton heads to York for Shakespeare’s Rose Theatre’s 2019 summer season.

Amy plays Fluellen in a ‘potent retelling’ of Henry V and Adrienne in The Tempest, a production ‘full of joy, exuberance and magic’.

Both shows run in rep from 26th June to 1st September in the pop-up Rose Theatre built at the foot of York’s historic Clifford’s Tower.

Amy Loughton stars in feature film Crowhurst

Amy Loughton plays Clare Crowhurst in Crowhurst, the psychological thriller based on a true story.

The feature film has already received fantastic reviews, including ★★★★ from The Guardian★★★★ from The Times and The Arts Desk praised it’s “jagged, nerve-shredding and visceral account of mental disintegration”.

Read more about auteur director Simon Rumley’s inspiration for the film and it’s journey to release in his interview with The Arbuturian.

Crowhurst is currently playing at Empire Cinemas and the trailer, featuring Amy’s portrayal of Clare Crowhurst, can be seen below:


Amy Loughton in Cardboard Citizen’s Cathy

Amy Loughton brings her versatility and skill to the stage, showcasing ‘several sharply defined and observed characters’ (The Reviews Hub), in Ali Taylor’s new play, Cathy.

Cathy offers a timely reflection on the social and personal impact of spiralling housing costs, gentrification and the challenges of forced relocation.

Acclaimed theatre company Cardboard Citizens presents this powerful and emotive Forum Theatre show, exploring resonances in today’s society with the story told in the ground-breaking Ken Loach film, Cathy Come Home, 50 years ago. After watching the play, audience members are invited to take part in the game of forum theatre, Cardboard Citizens have become leading practitioners of this in their 25 year history. Audience members are invited on to the stage to play the characters & suggest alternative ideas which might change the course of their lives.

Having received rave reviews after its initial London run at the Pleasance, Cathy will now embark on a five month tour of theatres, hostels, prisons and day centres across England.

4 Stars from The Stage

4 Stars from the Reviews Hub

Aux poster

10 Actorum clients in new feature, AUX

That’s right, not 1 but a mighty 10 Actorum clients have been cast in ‘AUX’, a new Brit feature, by Evolutionary Films directed by John Adams and staring John Rhys-Davies (Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones):

Darren Benedict, Joshua Boyd Campbell, David Broughton-Davies, Dominic Cazenove, George Haynes, Leonie Hill, Jasmeen James, Peter Landi, Amy Loughton and Sally Mortemore.

Aux - Headshots Only (2)

“Two young boys playing in the woods stumble across a stone “tree” which is actually the chimney and air vent for a secret bunker, undetected since WWII. They find the entrance hatch and open it. They are so terrified of what they find inside that one boy doesn’t make it back out of the bunker, and the other runs straight into the nearby road and gets hit by a vehicle.

The police investigate the car accident involving the boy. They cordon off areas and start searching for the second boy who is presumed missing. One by one, the police start to be murdered in grisly ways.

In the local old people’s home, an elderly WWII veteran sees all of this unfolding on the news and realises what has happened… But will anybody believe a senile old man as the devastation and destruction mounts up around them?”

AUX will be hitting cinema screens later this year but for all the latest news, check out their Twitter feed @auxthemovie

Company of Angels ensemble

Exciting Script Development Work for Amy Loughton

Amy Loughton in the Company of Angels ensemble created for Woolwich Festival

Amy will join a talented bunch of actors and theatre creatives for 6 new scripts being developed as part of the Company of Angels Theatre Cafe Festival in Woolwich this May.

Following successful industry events in York, Oslo, and Berlin, City of Angels will be joining forces with the University of Greenwich and Greenwich and Lewisham Young People’s Theatre to create a special two-day festival across two venues in Woolwich.

All six texts are now confirmed. Look out for further announcements about the response pieces from young participants at GLYPT.

Obsession by Arnost Goldflam (Czech Republic)
Standa is thirteen and likes to hide. He is obsessed with escape and endurance. In the past his mother hid from the Nazis in a wardrobe, and now Standa prepares for an all-day-long catastrophe survival.

Still Life In A Ditch by Fausto Paravidino (Italy)
The body of a young girl is found in a ditch. Who is she and who murdered her? A gripping thriller constructed entirely of powerful monologues, the play builds on a classic noir premise to become a wider critique of contemporary Italian society.

Megan’s Story by Tuomas Timonen (Finland)
Winner of the 2010 Lea Award for the best Finnish play of the year, Tuomas Timonen’s play follows 13 year-old Megan, subjected to online bullying and then ultimately committing suicide. The play is based on real events and the identity of the bully comes as a shocking revelation.

Stuttgart Tehran by Reihanah Youzbashi Dizaji (Germany)
Sami arrives in Stuttgart as a child, her family having fled political persecution in Iran. The food tastes bad, the language is unknown, and they live in a cramped room. Sami finds her way around her strange new world but keeps dreaming of Tehran. As she grows into a teenager, she realises she has no ‘home’, only a place to live.

Jump Out of Skin by Zuza Ferenczova (Slovakia)
Almost fourteen and pregnant – what does she do? No-one can provide the answers she’s looking for, so she finds the courage to feel the touch of death and see what happens… Jump Out of Skin was developed as part of the European Project Platform 11+.

Against Progress by Esteve Soler (Spain)
Described as “seven candies filled with sulphuric acid”, Against Progress consists of seven surreal scenes reflecting the monstrosities and sinister contradictions of the contemporary world. Winner of the Godot Prize 2013.

See more here.