Applying to Actorum

Actorum is a unique talent management agency made up of a diverse mix of actors. We pool our resources to represent and further each other’s careers, all of which is overseen by our full time Lead Agent.

Everyone at Actorum contributes, either by earning commission or by working at least one day a week in the office. We all take part in monthly meetings, and each of us has voice by joining one or two committees; these include accounts, administration, new talent, career development, research and development, and marketing. And as a mutually supportive agency we all make the effort to see each other’s work on stage and screen.

Being a member is a great way for new actors to learn about the business and for established actors to pursue new directions and take more control of their careers. At Actorum we’re a mix of both.


Email us at with a headshot, Spotlight link and a covering letter.

We are happy to see show reels but it’s also important that we see you perform, ideally on stage. If you’re in a show then please tell us, giving at least two weeks notice.

Currently, we are particularly, but not exclusively looking for

Actors who identify as female in their 40’s – 50’s

Actors with diverse ethnic backgrounds of all genders and all ages

A final note

At any point in the application process we may contact you to say we have decided not to take things any further and you can, of course, withdraw at any time. The joining process is thorough and will involve several meetings to give us all the chance to get know each other well, so we can all make sure that we are a mutually great fit.

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