About Us

About Us

Established in 1974, we are a leading talent management agency with a distinctive approach to doing business.

A unique bridge

We combine the mutual support and self-determination of the cooperative ethos with the focus and fierce ambition of an agency approach, all driven by our dedicated, full time Lead Agent. Bridging these two realms makes us unique in what we do.

A reputation based on respect

After plying our trade for over 40 years, today we take immense pride in the strength of our relationships across the entire industry. And while it is in our nature to change as we reflect the different characters within the team, we continue to move forward with a well-earned reputation based on professionalism, trust and respect.

A past to be proud of

Since our founding by Danny Schiller, Pete Postlethwaite and ten others, we have counted household names such as Denise Black, Jennifer Saunders and Dame Julie Walters among our members.

Actorum 74