Stellar reviews for The Marilyn Conspiracy with Sally Mortemore at The Park Theatre!

Sally plays Monroe’s housekeeper, Eunice Murray, who was the last person to see her alive in this tense, uncompromising and unmissable new play which reveals the shocking events of Marilyn’s last days.

The Marilyn Conspiracy is co-written by actress Vicki McKellar (Paradise Lost, Leicester Square Theatre) and Olivier Award-winning West End and Broadway director Guy Masterson (9 Circles, Park Theatre & The Shark is Broken, West End) and playing at The Park Theatre

‘ … the forensic analysis is interspersed with fascinating insights into the chemistry of Monroe’s very different friendships. Not least with Sally Mortemore’s stern, conflicted Eunice Murray whose ambiguous silences imply that for every mystery that’s been revealed there are still more lurking in the shadows.’ ★★★★ The Times

‘Particular kudos must be given to Sally Mortemore as Eunice Murray, giving the character a motherly quality and a heartbreaking frailty after her employer’s demise …’ ★★★★ All That Dazzles

‘Stern housekeeper Mrs Murray remains fascinatingly unreadable … ‘ ★★★ The Telegraph

Sally Mortemore’s nuanced depiction of Monroe’s housemaid, Eunice Murray, is a prime and realistically disturbing example of this dichotomy.’ ★★★★ The The Spy In The Stalls

‘Meanwhile, Sally Mortemore gives a standout performance as housekeeper Eunice Murray. Although Murray herself was one of the least standout personalities among Marilyn’s usual company, she played a key role in her daily life…and in recounting her death.’ ★★★★ Fairy Powered Productions