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Fanos trained at The Academy Of Live and Recorded Arts (ALRA) and the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. An extremely versatile actor with stage credits including Swimming With Sharks in the West End’s Vaudeville Theatre, Antigone at Southwark Playhouse, and a Middle East tour playing Khalil Gibran in Nadim Sawalha’s Rest Upon The Wind.

He is also an established voice over artist with experience on video games including Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, telephone/IVR applications, commercials and audio books including the Blake’s 7 40th anniversary adventure The Way Ahead with Big Finish Productions.

Fanos was awarded gold distinction by the BADC for his stage combat skills and is trained in martial arts (Tae Kwon Do).

Don Quixote In Algiers:

“Fanos Xenofós brings warmth and dignity to his portrayal of benevolent captor Si Ali”
The Stage

“Fanos Xenofos is a stand out as an exceptional Si Ali – composed, considered, his performance is grounded and warm”
The View From The Upper Circle


“Fanos Xenofos’s performance as Salim is powerful and full of passion as the confusion in the collapsed tunnel crosses into scenes of blurred reality. His presence is felt even in the dim lighting of the set and he produces a controlled and consistent performance” – Broadway Baby

Dogs Barking:

“Easily the brunt of the play’s weight falls on the capable shoulders of Fanos Xenofos as the embittered Neil, who runs the gauntlet of a full spectrum of emotions and interactions with Alex, her sister and his own best-friend Splodge”
British Theatre Guide

“Xenofos makes Neil a person you would never want to meet, yet he shows us that desperation underlies even his worst actions”
Stage Door

Rest Upon The Wind:

“an accomplished and believable performance by Fanos Xenofos in the lead role of Gibran”

“Throughout the whole play, the generosity of Sawalha’s writing of the main character of Gibran is captured perfectly by Fanos Xenofos”
Times Of Oman

Haram Iran:

“That evil is ably portrayed by Fanos Xenofos as the sadistic jailer”
Gay Times


“Several of the supporting characters have just the one main scene each to make their real impact. Of these,  Fanos Xenofos’ messenger brought lyrical beauty to their speeches”

“A greater stillness in a stronger stage position would have given Antigone’s words more power – as was much more effectively executed by Fanos Xenofos in his Messenger’s report of Haemon’s death later in the play”
Exeunt Magazine