Ben Galpin in Open Bar’s Twelfth Night

Ben Galpin appears as Malvolio, Sebastian and Curio in Open Bar’s brand new production of Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

The twins are played by Vicky Gaskin … and Ben Galpin. The latter also take on the role of the miserable and incredibly comedic Malvolio, his facial contortions are a joy to behold.
★★★★★ West End Wilma

Twelfth Night will be touring Fuller’s pub gardens throughout the Summer – starting at the Pilot, Greenwich on 2nd August and finishing at the Red Lion, Barnes on 17th September.

Aux poster

10 Actorum clients in new feature, AUX

That’s right, not 1 but a mighty 10 Actorum clients have been cast in ‘AUX’, a new Brit feature, by Evolutionary Films directed by John Adams and staring John Rhys-Davies (Lord of the Rings, Indiana Jones):

Darren Benedict, Joshua Boyd Campbell, David Broughton-Davies, Dominic Cazenove, George Haynes, Leonie Hill, Jasmeen James, Peter Landi, Amy Loughton and Sally Mortemore.

Aux - Headshots Only (2)

“Two young boys playing in the woods stumble across a stone “tree” which is actually the chimney and air vent for a secret bunker, undetected since WWII. They find the entrance hatch and open it. They are so terrified of what they find inside that one boy doesn’t make it back out of the bunker, and the other runs straight into the nearby road and gets hit by a vehicle.

The police investigate the car accident involving the boy. They cordon off areas and start searching for the second boy who is presumed missing. One by one, the police start to be murdered in grisly ways.

In the local old people’s home, an elderly WWII veteran sees all of this unfolding on the news and realises what has happened… But will anybody believe a senile old man as the devastation and destruction mounts up around them?”

AUX will be hitting cinema screens later this year but for all the latest news, check out their Twitter feed @auxthemovie

New feature film Dead Fred stars Judy Norman


Filming has just finished on the feature length black comedy Dead Fred being produced by TF Film Productions & Gull Films in Hampshire and Judy Norman was in good company with the cast. The film also stars Sandra Dickinson and Jane How, click on the image of them below to hear an interview with Julian How on BBC Radio Solent about the film:


Dead Fred is now in post production and is being made by TF Film Productions Ltd and FRYFILM Ltd and is described as a modern take on classics such as Arsenic and Old Lace and The Lady Killers. Further details on the film can be seen on the website here.

Witch Hunt: A Century of Murder

Two Actorum clients in Channel 5 Drama-Doc

Lots of Actorum talent can be seen in the fascinating drama-documentary Witches: A Century of Murder appearing on Channel 5 on October 13th. This program tells the story from four hundred years ago, when hundreds of innocent people were killed as an obsession to stamp out Satanism swept the British Isles. Dr Suzannah Lipscomb investigates the events of this dark period in our history.

The trailer can be viewed here:

Sally MortemoreDavid Broughton-DaviesThe program gives the opportunity to Sally Mortemore and David Broughton-Davies to play the dark and disturbing characters from this wild and uncivilised part of history.

Further details on this two-part documentary series can be found at DRG website.