Carrie Rock in Mermaids as part of Playmill Festival at the Kings Head Theatre

CR Mermaids Pic

Actorum’s Carrie Rock will play Carly in Mermaids, the much anticipated three-hander which will run as part of Playmill at the Kings Head from 2 – 6 July. 

Joanne Sherryden’s play, directed by Siobhan James-Elliott, is an honest, funny and touching story that tests the bonds of family and friendship in the life of a working class trans woman.

In a preview article for Playmill, James-Elliott said,

Mermaids is an exploration of growing up and being happy in yourself. It follows the story of Lia, a trans female; her brother Danny, who is experiencing alcoholism and post traumatic stress; and her best friend Carly, a single mother of two. It is a funny, relatable and honest piece of writing, celebrating the power of family and friendship when life presents its hurdles.

Mermaids will run as part of Playmill which is a three-week festival featuring 35 new shows spanning several genres including comedy, drama and musical theatre.