Samantha Baines at the Bike Shed Theatre

Samantha Baines as the lead in a new play in Exeter

Samantha Baines

R & D showings of Blueprint; a new play by award winning theatre company Write by Numbers at the Bike Shed Theatre.

‘This is the minute I imagine most of all. I imagine it because though I know it happened I can’t actually remember it. Why would I? I’m five weeks old and wrapped in yellow wool.’
Kate’s not exactly sure how long she’s been talking to you. Maybe it’s a second. Maybe it’s a minute. Maybe it’s ten. What she does know – and what you need to remember – is that this moment is the most important moment in the universe. It’s the moment before Kate dies.

Presented as a work in progress in Blueprint WBN explore what might happen when you give a writer, a director and a group of performers a stopwatch and tell them they have 60 seconds to tell a story. And then get them to tell another. And another. Can you tell the story of someone’s life (and death) in fifty individual minutes?

Exploring the science of small, as well as big, things, memories that refuse to come unstuck, and how we tell our stories Blueprint is a jigsaw of the end, the beginning, and the middle.

Performances 25th, 26th, 29th and 31st October, Exeter.