Radhika Aggarwal and Kate Spiro in ‘Islam’ at Salisbury Playhouse

Two Actorum Actors to Appear in the Exciting Script Development of ‘Islam’ at the Salisbury Playhouse

Both Radhika Aggarwal and Kate Spiro will take important roles in the 5 day reading season of this exciting new piece of work from writer John Yates.

‘No time to grieve for her son. Erica’s marriage, career and life are under threat. A casino banker, she is dragged into a game of chance with stakes higher than money. Britain is sick. Extremes of wealth and poverty threaten social stability. Global finance doesn’t connect with the real economy. The poor are demonised. The weak are abandoned. Compassion is vanishing. Change is needed. But is change possible? Does Islam have the solution? John Yates is an emerging playwright learning the craft mainly through Angela Street’s workshops at Salisbury Arts Centre and Salisbury Playhouse. He has had work performed at the Edinburgh Fringe, Salisbury Fringe, Theatre 503, Arcola Theatre, LOST One Act Festival and Exeter Ignite. This is a two hour rehearsed reading. The end goal is a script suitable for full production. You, the audience, can help by providing feedback.’

Radhika Aggarwal



3pm, 21st June, Salisbury Playhouse
Box office: 01722 320 333