Peter Landi – “Versatile” and “A Real Gem” – Manchester Library’s Robin Hood

Wanted! Robin Hood – Lowry Theatre

“Friar Tuck is played to perfection as an ‘old head’ by the versatile Peter Landi. He also ‘triples’ up as a vile Guy of Gisbourn and a show stealing Alan O’Dale, my personal highlight of the night.” ★★★★ Rachael Gavaghan the Good Review

“The hard-working cast double up roles so Peter Landi plays both jolly Friar Tuck and the dastardly Sir Guy of Gisborne.” ★★★★ Natalie Anglesey, Manchester Evening News

“This updated classic…lands a fair number of arrows on target”. ★★★ Alfred Hickling – The Guardian

“The real gem in the cast is Peter Landi as Friar Tuck, who brings a welcome sense of twinkle and substance. The biggest laughs are all his.” Northern Soul

“There are also some laugh out moments from Peter Landi playing Friar Tuck and Sir Guy of Gisborne disguised as a minstrel trying to win the favour of Robin Hood.” Luke Walker – The Public Reviews