Joyce Greenaway in Lost Nation

Lost Nation: A story of survival in 2013 by The Red Room

“We are forgetting that when you cut people they bleed…There’s a lost nation out there who people just don’t see or speak to.”

Joyce Greenaway, Actorum, The Red Room, Lost Nation

Based on interviews with real people, Lost Nation is a gritty site-specific drama about Londoners battling against the odds, who overcome the challenges and pressures of society and a Government who brand them skivers and shirkers. Set in the streets of London.

Spread over 5 days featuring 4 different actors: every day each actor will perform one individual story taking you on a PHYSICAL JOURNEY through revealed locations in the London Borough of Brent and includes exclusive viewing of the Lost Nation documentary featuring Glenda Jackson, MP.

On Day 5 Joyce Greenaway plays – ‘Katlyn’ – “I owe £76,000 housing benefit because of Government rules. I feel void of thinking of any resolution, if I start to think about a positive outcome and it doesn’t happen, then I really will crack.”

Tickets holders are informed of the location 10 days prior to the performance.

Choose between a 4pm, 6pm and 8pm start time. Tickets can be purchased for single or multiple days.

The new production from The Red Room, the creators of the Jellyfish Theatre, Unstated and Gay Africa, devised and directed by Topher Campbell.

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