Hannah Boyde revisits 2 Stage Successes

Hannah reprises her roles In Mess at The Traverse and Land of Glass at Northern Stage.


Hannah Boyde shows why she is so much in demand for her devised theatre work by returning this year to 2 productions which she helped create in 2014. In February she will be performing Land of Glass at Northern Stage in Newcastle for one week only. Hannah is one of the 2 main actors in Land of glass who, alongside 3 actor/musicians, help bring to life the imaginative novel of Alessandro Baricco.

Then in May, Hannah will return to her role of Boris in a Biggles hat (according to the Independent review, she played this part ‘charmingly’) in Mess as part of the Imaginate Festival. This piece is produced by Unfolding Theatre and it received a long list of strong reviews and in particular for Hannah, such as Broadway Baby’s review which said ‘Boyde commendably resists the temptation to overplay his more emotional moments. She is particularly impressive in an early scene where an incredible state of emotional tension is wrought from just four slices of apple.’

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