David Broughton Davies in World Premiere at Fantasia Festival, Montreal

David Broughton Davies stars in OVX: The Manual at Fantasia Festival

24th July 2013, Fantasia Festival, Montreal

Versatile David Broughton Davies

This July sees the world premiere of OXV: The Manual, a new feature film written and directed by Darren Paul Fisher and starring David Broughton Davies as Mr Strauss.


OXV: THE MANUAL feels like it came straightdown from outer space. Director Darren Paul Fisher himself calls it the first scientific-philosophical romance, a perfectly fitting label. The British filmmaker creates a coherently rich universe reminiscent of great comic visionaries like Neil Gaiman and Grant Morrison, a deliriously fantastic world whose stunning resemblance to our own gradually starts to fade as it subversively transforms itself. A screenwriter inspired by eccentricity, Fisher stands out with his masterful juxtaposition of an impossible-love story and the existential ranting of an insomniac college student. He also approaches surrealism in the same playful spirit as Michel Gondry. Fisher stands at an improbable crossroads, somewhere between characteristically British, Pythonesque comedy and the anxious meditations of Shane Carruth (UPSTREAM COLOR). The art direction is a true feast for the eyes, creating a candid, light atmosphere with its wide variety of bright colours. OXV: THE MANUAL is one of those little miracles that only independent cinema can produce: a work of resounding originality that blows a breath of fresh air across the film festival circuit.

— Simon Laperrière

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