David Barnaby in award winning short

David Barnaby at Southampton International Film Festival

When Martin is injured in a car accident, he ends up in Poole Hospital next to Harold. The old guy is a talker – the last thing Martin needs. But he’s in a neck brace and flat on his back with a dull view of the ceiling. So he’s no choice but to hear all about Poole, the day’s weather, what’s happening outside. Slowly he lets Harold’s poetic words conjure up images of broad seascapes in his mind. They play word games, and get told off by the nurse. Only when the old man has gone, does Martin really find out how much Harold (and nature) have helped him to heal.

The script won the Prequel to Cannes Script Competition 2009/10. It is partly inspired by a 20th Century fable. The film was showcased by the Women in Film & TV “Show us your shorts” (July 2012), Court Metrage in Cannes (May 2013) and Cinema Jam in London (June 2013). It was also nominated for the 2012 Van D’Or Awards in two categories: Best Drama, Best Screenplay, nominated for Best Short Script and Best Hair & Make Up in the Southampton International Film Festival in October 2013 (TBA), and the “This is England” Short Fiction Award in Rouen (November 2013). As well as being selected for UK Film Festival, Purbeck Film Festival in 2012. In 2013, it was selected for Kino Film Festival, Edinburgh Short Film Festival, Cardiff Mini Film Festival, Buxton Fringe Film Festival, Into the Woods Festival, Southampton Internationaional Film Festival (the Welcome Short that opened the festival), Hearts of Gold Film Festival (Australia) and “This is England” Film Festival in Rouen.